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You Can Cook This: Chicken Pot Pie

Now that you've gotten comfortable with cooking Chicken Noodle Soup, guess what? You know pretty much all you need to know to cook Chicken Pot Pie! This pie reminds me of the frozen pot pies I ate in my childhood, and I love that. My version has no bottom crust, but the filling is so hearty you won't miss it.

You start out the same way you did with the Chicken Noodle Soup, with butter, vegetables, and chicken in a pan, cooked together in a broth, only this time you will be thickening the broth into a sauce. The whole thing goes into a square baking dish, with a premade crust on top, and into the oven.

The shopping list is almost identical, and maybe you still have some of the ingredients on hand.

Your shopping list:
butterfrozen chopped onions16 ounces frozen mixed vegetables (or canned)2 10-ounce cans chunk chicken in water (if the store brand is cheaper, but larger, go ahead and get it, chicken pot pie cannot have too much chicken)all-purpose flourchicken bouillon powder1 14.…

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You Can Cook This: Chicken Noodle Soup